About Us

While it may sometimes feel challenging, it’s possible to respond to the multitude of laws and regulations on security and privacy in a positive and creative way.

At Phyllis Patrick & Associates, LLC, we help broaden your perspective, and find approaches that enable you to meet legal requirements in a manner that fits your organization. We don’t tell you how to do things–—we help shape your ideas so they will meet legal mandates and operational requirements.

In addition to our extensive experience in security, privacy and compliance, our broad background positions us to understand your issues and think creatively about solutions:

  • Training and experience in hospital administration gives us a detailed understanding of hospital management, operations, physician relations and internal politics.
  • Responsibilities in healthcare information technology provide a perspective on systems and IT security and privacy.
  • Strategic planning capability gives us a wide lens in which to frame issues of security, privacy and compliance.
  • A history of successful work with regulators positions us to get the information our clients need without revealing more than necessary.

We start each project by questioning, listening and establishing exactly what your organization needs and wants to do. We shape our team based on the objectives we jointly establish, pulling from our core associates and a wide network of experts on specialized topics.

By exploring the history behind current policies and processes, we uncover the motivations that shaped them, and determine whether those motivations still apply today. We search for the spirit of the organization and develop a sense of the kind of approaches that will work. Where siloes interfere with solutions, we try to break them down.

Phyllis Patrick & Associates, LLC works with people at every level of the client’s organization—from board members to environmental services staff. We know your people don’t have a lot of time, so we work at “doing things shorter” and making highly effective use of the time we spend with them.

While projects end, our relationships don’t. We continue to be there to support you and respond to questions as they arise.